The Municipal Security Council ( MUSEC) of Nzema East Municipality under the leadership of Hon Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah on the 20th of October 2022, launched an operation on the Ankobra river in the Municipality to clear it from galamseyers. It is now evident that there is no single “boat” or “chanfine” operating on the river.

To make sure that this operation come to stay, the various chiefs and Odikuro’s whose towns and villages are along the river are tasked to be responsible for the agents who will violate the instructions otherwise they will answer and be blamed. The Chiefs included:

Nana Ahoah III- of Duale, Nana Kojo Mensah ii of Amgbazie, 

Nana Adjei II of Akosuno,

Nana Domunli Miezah of Abelebo.

Nana Ete Akrede II of Banso traditional area has already led the crusade of not allowing a single galamseyer from operating on n the Ankobra river within his area. 

However MUSEC will keep patrolling the river to ensure a lasting stoppage of the menace.