Waste Management Services

The Municipal Environmental Health Office (MEHO) is responsible for storage, collection, transportation, and safe disposal of waste.

Liquid Waste Services

  1. Prospective customers to call personally at MEHO or contact any of the accredited Private Companies to book a date for dislodging.
  2. Pay the appropriate fee as specified in the Assembly’s fee fixing resolution.
  3. The Officer in charge of liquid waste at the MEHO will  ensure the service is delivered within five (5) working days.

Solid Waste (Door-to-Door) Services

  1. Register  with the Assembly’s authorized Private Waste Collection Company operating within the area where the services(s) required.
  2. Timetable for collection of waste would be made available to the customer upon registration.
  3. The customer is responsible for the provision of appropriate refuse containers(s) for storage of his/her waste.
  4. The customer is to pay a monthly fee to the Waste Collection Company as specified in the Assembly’s fee fixing resolution.

Disposal of Industrial/Commercial Waste

a). Apply in writing to the Municipal Chief Executive and copy the Director of MEHO with the following details;

  1. Type of waste material
  2. Location of the waste material
  3. Tonnage/quantity of the waste material Frequency of dumping/generation

b). Officers from MEHO will be detailed to inspect and recommend the appropriate process to collect, transport and dispose of the material(s).

c) A bill is prepared based on the type, tonnage/quantity and the distance from the location to the final disposal site.

d) Evacuation commence to the final disposal site after five (5) working days of submission of application subject to payment of the approved fee.