Nzema East Gets Electrification Extension

The Municipal Chief Executive of Nzema East, Hon. Frank Okpenyen earlier today, 15th July, 2021, took delivery of Electrical distribution materials for rural electrification and extension in his municipality.
China Waters Engineering, the company in charge of the rural electrification in Nzema East brought in the materials.
The project which was delayed due to COVID-19 is to cover the following communities;
1. Kegyina
2. Eselenu
3. Nyamebekyere
4. Apewosika
5. Arabic Area
6.Brawire Estate
7. Akyinim
8. Accra Town
The second phase of this project will also cover some selected communities in Gwira.
The Municipal Chief Executive thanked the contractor for coming at the right time because the people have been waiting patiently for this day.
He assured them of his support for the safe and timely execution of this project.
The project supervisor of the company also assured the Municipal chief Executive that his team will do a good job and finish on time for the benefit of the people.