The meeting commenced at the scheduled time. The MCE welcomed everyone and expressed gratitude to the staff of the Assembly and the team and  and assured them of her maximum support and cooperation.

The leader of the Performance Contract team provided a brief summary of the  team’s visit, highlighting the objectives, scope, and activities to be conducted during the inspection. They mentioned that the various key performance areas will be evaluated to assess compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness and each department should make themselves available for the exercise.

Each member of the team presented their findings, which included both commendable practices and identified deficiencies. The findings covered aspects such as Capacity building issues, Staff performance appraisal, Environmental Health issues and others. The team emphasized the need for improvement in certain areas to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. 

The MCE and the MCD thanked the team for their recommendations and assured them that they will be duly worked upon. They again extended appreciation to the entire staff of the Assembly for their efforts and good work done.